Face Eczema - Incredible Homemade Remedy... Simple and Easy To Do

Before you begin reading this article I want you to know that I understand what you are going through. At this point you have probably scoured the earth looking for something that will help you with your face eczema. The answers you have been seeking are right in your kitchen and I am going to show you four methods that has worked for hundreds of individuals. If you apply them properly they will work for you as well.  

Get ready to go for a treasure hunt right in your very own kitchen. Before doing so I want you to understand that face eczema isn't a disease it's a condition. With a little time and patients you can defeat it. With that thought in mind lets get started shall we.

Method #1 - This technique has been used throughout the ages and has been extremely affective. In order to get started you will need a large bowl and some oatmeal. You only want to use the original brand of oatmeal and not any of the flavor brands. Mix the oatmeal and let it cool so that it gets sort of a thick pasty texture. Once the oatmeal has reached the desired texture apply it to your face like a mask. You will want to leave the oatmeal on your face until it begins to harden. By using oatmeal you will reduce the inflammation of your skin and it will drastically reduce the itchiness and redness of your face eczema.  

Method #2 - Your going to love this method, and it's sure to give your itchy dry facial skin the relief that it deserves. You will want to begin this method by cleansing your face thoroughly. The next step is to gently rub virgin coconut oil on your face. This is the tough part... Lay back and relax for approximately 10 minutes, and let the coconut oil go to work. You can relax a little longer if you choose to. Personally I like to listen to some soothing music on my iPod while the coconut oil is doing it's job. Once you have relaxed a little - clean your face with luke warm water, then leather your facial area with a moisturizer. I have found that this method works best when you use it right before going to bed.  

Method #3 - You can use an Indian spice powder known as turmeric. You should be able to find this spice in just about any health food store. Add a little of the spice to your tea (which you should be drinking) or you can add a little bit of it to your food. I recommend that you start out by using a little of it at first to see how your body reacts to it. You can also add a teaspoon of turmeric with a half cup of olive oil and add it to your bath for a nice soothing and skin conditioning affect. The olive oil will work as a natural moisturizer and the turmeric serves as an anti-inflammatory.  

Method #4 - This golden nugget was shared with me by a friend on twitter. I must say I was totally blown away by the results that were accomplished by such a simple technique. All you need for this method is to pour some milk into a bowl and add some ice cubes to it... Let the milk sit until it chills, then take some gauze pads and soak it in the milk and place the pads on the affected area of your face. In order to get the best results using this method it should be applied two to three times daily.  

In addition to the four awesome methods that I have just shared with you, I also recommend that you increase your water intake and cut out sodas etc.. I would like to also advise that you don't jump in head first applying the four methods above. Take it slow and chart your results as you go.  

You should also note that the above methods will work on all types of eczema not just face eczema. Read More Regarding Face Eczema and Simple Cures by visiting Face Eczema Skin Care Information